Jan 302009

I found this recipe on the website fatfreevegan.com. I followed it exactly, except for the turmeric, which I didn’t have in the house. I was nervous about the amount of cayenne pepper, but I was brave and went ahead with the whole 1/4 teaspoon. I know, I am a spice wimp!

Overall, this came out well and was not too spicy, even for me. Perhaps it was too thick, but easily thinned out with vegetable broth.

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  One Response to “Crockpot Spinach Lentil Curry”

  1. Looks good! Dave is pleasantly surprising me with his willingness to eat legumes, and this dish sounds teriffic. It also happens to contain a few things that are lying around my kitchen that I need to use up. I think I’ll skip the tofu. I’ve been traumatized by tofu in the past, and I think the recipe could stand up on its own without it. Since Dave is ravenous at meal time(LOL!), I think I’ll serve it with sliced whole wheat pitas or homeade whole wheat crepes. (I guess the crepes would make it not vegan anymore…Oh well!) This will make a great weekend lunch.

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