Jan 092009

I am not a falafel connoisseur, but I was very intrigued by this recipe from Happy Herbivore. I needed to make some modifications based on the ingredients I had on hand, but the falafels looked so cute that I didn’t want to wait until after my next shopping trip. I used skim milk in place of soy milk, and for the ‘Falafel Mix’ I used 1 t garlic powder and 1 T Italian seasoning, along with the amounts of cumin, whole wheat flour, and breadcrumbs indicated.

I am not sure what ingredients really define a falafel, but I liked these so much that I decided not to worry about it. Lindsay also provides a recipe for yogurt dressing, but I simply filled my pita pocket with sliced cucumbers, plain yogurt, and the falafels. I left one out of the pita so you could get a good look. I would also consider serving them as an appetizer, and would definitely put effort into making a yogurt dip to accompany them.

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