Apr 172009

The very generous people at Oikos sent me coupons to try their organic Greek yogurt. I already eat Greek yogurt on a regular basis, either mixed with fruit, or in recipes. I typically buy Fage or Chobani, but I was certainly willing to give Oikos a try! My local Whole Foods had the 0% fat, plain variety of Oikos, which is consistent with the type I usually purchase.

I started by using the yogurt in the Spinach and Leek Tart, but then I had to see how it stood on it’s own. It definitely has the classic thick texture associated with Greek yogurt, and it seemed slightly less sour than other brands. I added just a touch of Splenda, and it was a perfect afternoon snack.

Just for fun, I would like to try one of the other flavors available: Vanilla, Honey, and Blueberry. And while I do not purchase organic foods on a regular basis, I do appreciate the fact that the company considers their impact to the environment. Thanks for the chance to give it a try!

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