Sep 282009

First, thanks for all your comments on Friday’s post, and keep them coming. It’s fun to see what others want to cook. I have a post this week which addresses one request!

Now, onto a dish I brought to a fun gathering on Saturday night. These egg rolls were made from Hungry Girl’s first book, and were a good vegetarian option. I can’t post the recipe because it’s only published in the book, but the ingredients are the typical vegetables you’d find in a egg roll mixed with some crushed pineapple. They had a very mild flavor, and were much healthier than the takeout version! If you are not ready to buy the book yet, HG has this recipe posted on her site which is similar, but uses shrimp and/or mushrooms. And next time, I’ll see if I can make a dipping sauce.

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  1. These were delicious!

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