Sep 242009

I am so sorry that my family wasn’t here to enjoy this. You see, on Labor Day weekend, I set out to make this Lemon Chiffon Pudding, and something went terribly wrong. The avocados weren’t ripe enough I think, and it was all downhill from there in terms of texture. Good thing my sister had made some chocolate chip cookies as Plan B!

Of course, I had to try to make another avocado based dessert, and this time I used the Raw Chocolate Pudding recipe. The avocado was perfectly ripe. The dates were ripe and sweet, and I didn’t need to use any other sweetener. The result was quite good! No, it’s not Jell-O chocolate pudding from the box, it is different altogether, but just as chocolatey and satisfying.

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  1. Well, it certainly LOOKS like pudding!

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