Sep 252009

I truly never stop looking for recipes, and inspiration is everywhere – food blogs, magazines, restaurant menus, and television shows. And now I ask you for inspiration – what recipes would you like to see here? What ingredients would you like me to use? Everyday meals, or something more special?

Post your ideas in the comments, and I’ll do what I can over the next few months. Thanks for the help, I am really excited to hear your ideas!

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  9 Responses to “Turning the Table”

  1. I need a tiramisu (can be the traditional square or something more fun). Not so much alcohol though 🙂

  2. Hey Kerry, some things I'm liking right now and looking for ways to sneak into foods: avocado, cilantro, jicima, spelling?. We are always looking for a better Garlic oil for pasta dishes. Any help there would be much MUCH much appreciated! -Lee

  3. I enjoy the variety of recipes you have but like the simple ones the best.

  4. I want to utilize my crock pot more. Any recipes for easy one pot dishes? Also thinking of trying my hand at soups. Any ideas?

  5. I am thinking maybe some more crockpot recipies as well, and maybe some make ahead dishes.

  6. How about a recipe for a good red sauce? You know to go w/ my request for a good garlic/oil sauce. -Lee

  7. Kelly P makes the best red sauce ever!!!

  8. I actually have wanted to make a red sauce since (gasp) I have a jarred sauce habit to break. Kelly does make good sauce, but my friend Susan does too – if both send me their recipes I'd be happy to feature them here. hint, hint

  9. How about some dishes that are geared towards kids! 🙂 -Lee

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