Sep 162009

I know, I promised no more zucchini recipes, but you could use this concept with other vegetables too. The batter is definitely light, so you can increase the quantity of flour and cheese if you would like it thicker. These were a great addition to the balsamic chicken lurking in the background. And the best part is that these were even good reheated the next day, and that’s a rarity with fries.

2 zucchini, quartered lengthwise and halved crosswise
1 egg, well beaten in a small bowl
2 T whole wheat flour
2 T Parmesan cheese
1 t garlic powder

Mix flour, Parmesan, and garlic powder in a sealable bag. Dip zucchini pieces into egg, and add to bag. Shake well to distribute coating.

Coat cookie sheet with cooking spray, and place zucchini in a single layer. Coat with cooking spray, and bake at 475 for 7-8 minutes. Turn zucchini, and bake for an additional 7-8 minutes. Serve with salt and pepper.

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  4 Responses to “Zucchini Fries”

  1. yummy!

  2. Good thing promises are made to be broken….these look great!..:)

  3. Jaime and I used to do a dance whenever they made fried Zucchini at Tufts. These look way better. Can't wait to try 'em. -Lee

  4. Yum…love anything fried. Reminds me of the fried veggies at the Topsfield fair.

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