Nov 192009

I would normally tell you to keep this recipe on hand for the next time you have leftover sweet potatoes. But really, these biscuits were so good that I think you should cook a sweet potato right now to have one ready. I followed the recipe as written, although I skipped the final brush of butter. Oh, and I didn’t make cute circles, although I will try that next time. The Southern cooks may be laughing right now, but I’ve only made real biscuits from scratch a few times, so I am still on the steep part of the learning curve.

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  4 Responses to “Sweet Potato Biscuits”

  1. Talk learning curve…I never made biscuits of any kind…not even the Pillsbury tubed ones….oh well.

  2. First off, I made the roasted vegs on your 11/17 blog. I used sweet potatoes, onions, bell peppers, carrots & parsnips along with the usual garlic, herbs & evoo. Out of this world.
    And the sweet potato biscuits sound delish. Since I'm buying a ham for Thanksgiving I'll make the biscuits too. Like you, I'll make them square or rectangular. All the more surface to fill.

  3. I love that your biscuits aren't typical. And hearing them described in person made reading this recipe even better. 🙂 -Lee

  4. I'm definitely going to try making these. They look fantastic! 🙂

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