Dec 282009

It was a great plan to nestle a pasta course between the antipasto salad and the Christmas roast. But not just any pasta, we wanted to try homemade gnocchi. I made this ricotta version earlier in the year, but on Christmas we tried potato gnocchi from 101 Cookbooks. The writer admits that making this pasta can be difficult, and indeed there were eight hands involved in rolling, cutting, and marking the gnocchi with the tines of the fork. But we had high hopes as the gnocchi flew into the pot of boiling water.

Unfortunately, I cooked them too long. They really are done when they float to the top, even if it goes against your instinct to take them out so quickly! Some of them even fell apart in the boiling water, so we left those behind, and covered the rest with homemade tomato sauce and fresh Parmesan. A wonderful reminder that Christmas doesn’t need to be perfect.

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  3 Responses to “Potato Gnocchi”

  1. No… they wernt perfect but they were fun…and Christmas should be fun!

  2. As two of the 8 hands involved, it may have been my fault when I said that the pasta needed more time in the boiling water!

  3. No worries, you were just learning from your yummy mistakes. 🙂 -Lee

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