Feb 122010

What to do when there’s nothing good in the refrigerator except some boring leftover chicken…. But then it was transformed into chicken pot pie filling with just a package of frozen mixed vegetables and a can of Cream of Chicken soup! I followed this recipe for the filling, and skipped the biscuit crust. I am sure it would have been good that way, but I seem to have a lot of whole wheat bread floating around which was good for scooping. With a pinch of salt and pepper, this was a warm and tasty dish.

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  3 Responses to “Chicken Pot Pie Filling”

  1. Warm and tasty but best of all EASY!!!…thanks…:)

  2. It looks like something I would make soon. I'm with you Nanc it sounds easy.

    Auntie B

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, KC
    I'll make this for myself when I make T linquine & clam sauce.
    I'm making your Cheesy Chicken Vegetable Soup (minus the chicken) for today. And, I bought the broccoli slaw and made a variation of the wrap with avocado. I put some slaw on T's sandwich too and he really enjoyed the extra crunch.
    Keep em coming.

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