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Jamie Oliver is a popular topic these days, with his Food Revolution campaign and television show. Feeding schoolchildren healthy meals is really important, and so is cooking healthy meals for people of all ages….

I saw Jamie’s recipe for Farfalle with Savoy Cabbage, Pancetta, and Mozzarella, and decided to make it for myself. The original recipe is probably excellent, but I did make several changes. First, I used regular ham which I had leftover from another recipe instead of buying pancetta. I also used whole wheat penne, because I couldn’t find whole wheat farfalle. And I left out the pine nuts, because they were going to require a separate trip to the store. It was very exciting though to use savoy cabbage for the first time!

Be warned, this recipe makes a lot; the cabbage bulks up the dish. But I really like it; the flavors go together well, and it’s a one dish meal. I’d consider this next time you are cooking for a crowd!
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  1. KC,
    This is my 2nd attempt as my first went somewhere else.
    Your Mom told me about something similar and I've been making it regularly. Either with green leaf or savoy cabbage; with or without ham or smoky bacon; but with plenty of garlic and a sliced onion. I combine it with any whole wheat pasta w/a little soy sauce for myself for that Chinese flavor.

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