Apr 082010

During my recent trip to Florida, I visited the Sarasota Farmer’s Market. It was so crowded, and very difficult to take pictures! But I did pick up a few things, including this No Sugar Added Cherry Jam from Wienke’s. You might wonder why a Wisconsin based company is selling products at a farmer’s market in Florida. Maybe they were on spring break too, I didn’t think to ask.

The jam has a great texture, and I like that you can see the cherries. But it definitely has a tart flavor, and since I expect jam to be at least somewhat sweet, I haven’t quite gotten used to it. I might try mixing it into some yogurt next!

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  2 Responses to “Wienke’s No Sugar Added Cherry Jam”

  1. I can't to hear about what else you found at the market. Which Farmer Markets around here would you recommend? -Lee

  2. i love cherry jam-especially when it doesn't have sugar added!

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