May 212010

I honestly thought that this challenge would be more difficult, but it’s turned out to be much easier than I expected. But there is one topic I’d like to talk about today – what to do when you’re hungry, and don’t have a vegetarian meal prepared. Some of my favorite take-out meals contain meat: the Greek salad with grilled chicken from the sub shop down the street, the brown rice tuna sashimi at Whole Foods, even the turkey sub from Subway. I don’t do take-out often, but this is a busy month, and a few nights I found myself scrambling to find new options.

One night, I made a salad at the Whole Foods salad bar (since the vegetarian sushi was wholly unsatisfying) and another night, I just came home and had a grilled cheese. So far this month I have brought my lunch to work each day, but I do have an emergency can of vegetable soup stashed. Of course there are a lot of vegetarian options when eating out, but I have found that while eating vegetarian at home is easy, I have to concentrate harder when I am out.

But overall, I found that I’ve done even more meal preparation than usual this month. That’s been good for both my health and my wallet. I feel more inspired to create healthy meals and have saved money along the way, and that’s an unexpected but wonderful benefit.

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