Jun 082010

I read about pea tendrils on Elizabeth’s blog, and I was definitely intrigued. And it was my lucky day when I went to my favorite produce market on Saturday and spotted them! As the name suggests, pea tendrils are part of the plant which produces peas.

I prepared the pea tendrils by cooking them in olive oil and garlic, and adding a splash of lemon juice at the end. They have just a hint of the flavor of fresh peas, and are not bitter like other greens. The texture reminded me of Chinese broccoli; the stalks are fairly firm and I needed to cut them with a knife in my dish. They are only available for a short season, so look for them now at your favorite produce market!

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  4 Responses to “Pea Tendrils”

  1. those look neat…i never heard of them before….could you look for fiddleheads next???

  2. aren't they great?? I just love them and I'm so glad you tried them! Veggie month recap coming soon?

  3. where is your favorite produce market?

  4. @Nanc – I did see fiddleheads at the market, maybe I will pick those up next.

    @Elizabeth – thanks for the idea of pea tendrils, they were great. I posted my recap of the month on June 4, but oveall it went very well!

    @Lee – click the link for the site, Russo's in Watertown.

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