Aug 122010

We finished our meal with a meat course of Veal Scaloppine with Lemon, Capers, and Leeks. This was my very first time cooking veal, and although I’ve had it before, it’s not something that I generally order at restaurants. There are valid ethical concerns about veal which go beyond simply eating meat. But if you do choose to eat veal, this was a wonderful recipe, and it could be adapted very easily to other cuts of meat such as turkey or chicken.

The veal cutlets were very thin, and browned easily. The combination of leeks, garlic, capers, lemon, and parsley made this the perfect dish for a warm summer evening. The flavors were light, and this was a wonderful end to the meal.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the best part: dessert!

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  1. Still cannot believe all of this awesome food was prepared for "Moi"–and yes the best is yet to come! Mom

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