Aug 182010

My cooking club had a picnic at Castle Island this weekend. Every couple of years we like to plan one of our events outdoors, something very casual with no real theme. Castle Island is one of our favorite spots with a large public space right by the water.

Although this has been the most excellent and sunny summer in Boston, it was cloudy for our picnic. But here are a few scenic shots of our surroundings.

We started our meal with wine, which was a little risky, being that it is a public place and we all look underage (you better be laughing!)

I brought all the fixings for a vegetable sandwich: baguette, sauteed zucchini and eggplant, caramelized onions, sliced Mozzarella, and Amore Herb Paste. Unfortunately, this picture is the best I have! The sandwiches were good, although the bread was a little ‘too’ chewy! We also had chicken salad, lentil salad, and fresh strawberries. It was the perfect outdoor meal, enjoyed sitting by the ocean with friends.
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  1. Wonderful. I am putting Castle Island on my to do list when we visit in September. Looked at lots of photos. Looks beautiful.

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