Sep 222010

Time for another Indian recipe! This recipe for Mushroom Bhaji came from a new (to me) site called Cheap Healthy Good. This one was certainly cheap, and the only ingredients I had to purchase were the mushrooms and a jalapeno pepper. It was healthy, covering the vegetable, whole grain, and healthy fat groups when served on a bed of brown rice. And it was good! I love the texture of mushrooms, and the spices were fragrant.

It was also very spicy. My hands were burning from cutting the pepper, and my eyes were watering a little when I ate my first bowl. I just can’t seem to find the right balance of heat. But an odd thing happened when I ate this dish the second night. The spice had mellowed and it was much more enjoyable. Yes, definitely cheap, healthy, and good!

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  1. Kerry, We need to get together and celebrate Indian food soon!

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