Oct 122010

We weren’t sure if the monkey cake(s) were going to be enough to feed the crowd at the party, so on the same night, the dream team also made these monkey cupcakes from the blog yanowhatimean. To keep things simple, we used the exact same cake batter and frosting mix. Of course, my Mom still had to visit several stores to find the mini-Nilla wafers.

It took us a few tries to get things right, but then we were on a roll and formed an assembly line. We found it best to apply a relatively thick layer of frosting in order to embed the cookies. Plus, has anyone ever complained that a cupcake had too much frosting? Then, we used decorating gel to make the ears, nose, and mouth. The final product was cute, and the cupcakes were a hit with the kids at the party.

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  4 Responses to “Monkey Cupcakes”

  1. Adorable cupcakes!

  2. Those are so cute!!! And I feel you on worrying about there not being enough food. My daughter's 2nd bday party is this weekend and I'm racking my brain on what/how much to make.

  3. I took one home for my 87 year old (young)
    neighbor and she thought it was great!

  4. OMG! Now I have to make these. These are funny and cute at the same time. The monkey cupcake will be a hit at work. KUDOS!!!

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