Nov 192010

With Thanksgiving around the corner, everyone seems to be talking about their favorite holiday foods. To be completely honest, I could skip the turkey entirely. I could forget about the mashed potatoes. Gravy – meh. I do enjoy the turnip, but I could wait until St. Patrick’s Day. Nothing beats a piece of my Mom’s apple pie, but it might be even more fun to eat after a smaller dinner.

The one recipe that makes my Thanksgiving is this stuffing. The one that contains sausage and ground beef, with some Italian bread, cheese, and eggs. The one that’s even better when cooked outside of the turkey, and gets nice and brown on top. I’ve blogged for 2 Thanksgivings, and still don’t have a great picture of the stuffing, but I’ll try again this year. Trust me though, a picture will not do this dish justice.

What’s your must-have dish on Thanksgiving?

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  5 Responses to “Must-Have Thanksgiving Foods”

  1. Stuffing! But, really.. turkey WITH gravy comes in a close second.

  2. Kelly's mashed potatoes with the correct ratio of lumps and your mom's turkey gravy!

  3. I enjoy eating a sandwich of turkey and stuffing with Kelly's cranberry sauce in the evening after all the dishes are done!

  4. I made a turkey with Noni's stuffing and gravy yesterday for our senior Thanksgiving pot luck supper, so today I made sure I had enough to make a hot turkey sandwich with stuffing and hot gravy and of course cranberry sauce. Umm.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.
    Auntie B

  5. You too! B…:)

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