Nov 112010

I’ve tried a few fun squash recipes this year, like this Sweet and Sour Kabocha. But there are still plenty of squash varieties I haven’t tried, and recently I picked up a delicata squash for the first time. It’s a fairly small squash, and the skin is edible which means no peeling.

The squash was fairly easy to cut, and then I scooped out the seeds and sliced it thinly. I roasted the slices in the oven with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. OK, then I stopped to try it – yum! I could have just stood in the kitchen and eaten the whole pan, but I had a salad to make.
I placed some squash slices on a bed of baby spinach, and added some pumpkin seeds and ricotta salata, inspired by this recipe. I made a simple dressing of sauteed shallots, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. This was one of the best salads I ate all year! The flavors all worked together well, and there was squash is almost every bite. I was even able to pack this for dinner one night, keeping the salad and dressing in separate containers until right before class.
It was so much fun to pick up a squash that was new to me, and create such a fabulous meal.

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  1. This squash sounds great! I will definitely try it.

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