Dec 292010

A quick break from recipes to show you one of the things that Santa brought me: a new lunch tote! My current lifestyle requires me to pack at least one, and sometimes two meals when I leave the house. But this isn’t just any old lunch bag, this is a Built NY lunch tote that’s expandable, washable, and adorable! Is it sad that a lunch bag is one of my favorite Christmas gifts?

The first lunch I packed in the bag included: a half baked potato (in the plastic container), a piece of spinach crustless quiche, yogurt, and an orange. And look at all the room leftover in the bag…

I look forward to showing you future lunch bag contents in the future. Thanks Santa!
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  3 Responses to “My New Lunch Tote”

  1. Ho Ho Ho.Good thing you were on Santa's "nice" list! Really nice lunch bag!

  2. I love the new lunch tote! I can't believe I never got a chance to see it in person this week!

  3. Great lunch bag! I only carry a bag to work to carry all of my containers! Did you get the book you were hoping for?

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