Jan 122011

The moment I saw this recipe for chard and white bean stew, I tweeted about it, and emailed my Mom and sister to make sure they had seen it. Chard, white beans, and wine, all in a pot – yes, please. A friend of mine was coming over for dinner Sunday night, and I figured we’d be opening a bottle of wine anyway, so I may as well make this stew. Do you like my logic?

The recipe was amazing, but of course I did make a few changes. First, I couldn’t discard the chard stems, so I sauteed them right with the carrots. I used onions from the market instead of shallots, and seasoned the stew with only dried thyme, salt, and pepper. The stew was just as good as I expected, and we both went back for a second bowl. I didn’t serve it with an egg on top, but I did offer a slice of freshly baked whole wheat bread and real butter, so I’d say we’re even. More on the bread tomorrow….

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  1. Excellent! Sure to make a "top pick" for 2011!

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