Mar 092011

It’s been a while since I’ve tried any new fruits or vegetables, and I am sure there’s a lot that I haven’t tasted. I was at Russo’s Market and spotted this lemon plum. It’s not a local fruit of course, but comes from Chile. It is the size of an average plum, with yellow flesh. It tastes similar to a plum, perhaps just a little more tart. But this lemon plum was a nice treat, and makes me look forward to fresh fruit in the season ahead!

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  1. I can't wait for plum season, too! March is one of those in-between months. It's a little too late for heavy squashes and Brussels sprouts, but not quite yet the season for asparagus. A few more weeks, fingers crossed.

  2. I enjoy it when you try new things, by the way who's autograph is on the baseball?

  3. The baseball was signed by Fred Lynn and Jim Rice at a Red Sox event I attended a few years ago, where they both spoke. It was neat!

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