Mar 312011

Remember the recipe for beet and onion pizza that I submitted to the Somerville Winter Market recipe contest? Well, it WON! I was so shocked, but very honored. Really, this isn’t about winning a contest, it’s about a great local organization that supports a way for city dwellers to access fresh local produce, even in the winter. And it’s about us, the consumers, supporting the farmers who grow the produce and getting our servings of fruit and vegetables at the same time. I have so much more to say on the topic, but this week has been pretty crazy so I’ll leave it at that. What are you looking forward to when the spring farmer’s markets get going?

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  3 Responses to “Winner!”

  1. Cool Beans!!!…:)

  2. A much deserved win! Congratulations!

  3. You are AWESOME! Congrats! I will definitely try the recipe.

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