Jun 142011

One of the sponsors of Fitbloggin’ was Attune Foods. They’re the people that make Uncle Sam’s cereal and other products. Attune was very generous, and not only provided a great breakfast one morning, but also gave us coupons for free cereal so we could enjoy it back home.

I knew I liked the original Uncle Sam’s cereal, so I decided to try their Strawberry Cereal with my coupon. There’s no question that this is a sweetened cereal which I would consider a treat, but it still has plenty of fiber and some healthy fats. I added in some sliced banana and skim milk, and dove in. The cereal actually didn’t taste as sweet as I expected, and this variety still had the crunchy texture that I love. It was certainly delicious as a traditional bowl of cereal, but I think it might even be better as a topping for plain yogurt. I see a parfait ahead! Thanks attune…

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