Jul 122011

It’s too early to be sure, but I think this could be a dessert-heavy week here on the blog. Usually though, people don’t complain about seeing a lot of sweet things. I never hear “you post way too many chocolate recipes” but rather “how about some normal food?”

If you remember, way back in June, my Mom and I had a rhubarb adventure when a neighbor let us harvest some from his yard. We got to work right away making some amazing rhubarb streusel muffins, but we had plenty of rhubarb leftover for another recipe. We decided to make a simple rhubarb sauce, using this recipe which calls for just butter, rhubarb, and sugar. I added a dash of vanilla and cinnamon as suggested in the comments. The sauce tasted great, but the sad part was that our sweet teeth had been satisfied by the muffins. So we let the sauce cool and put it in the freezer for another time.
When the rest of the family had to head home on the Fourth of July (you know, for real jobs and things…) my Mom and I broke out the sauce and some vanilla ice cream, and enjoyed a sundae while watching the fireworks and playing a game of Scrabble. Don’t worry, we didn’t eat all the sauce, there’s plenty leftover so everyone can give it a try. But you probably should bring your own ice cream.

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