Oct 042011

I went to the Copley Square farmer’s market on Friday afternoon, and although it was great to see so many fall vegetables, I was missing my greens.  I almost bought some kale, but then I spotted a big bunch of bok choy.  I’ve cooked both regular and baby bok choy before, but never felt very confident that I was preparing it properly.  This weekend I found an excellent bok choy tutorial which takes you through the process step by step.  One of the best tricks I learned is to put the garlic and ginger in the pan before it heats up.

I had such a large bunch of bok choy that I had to stuff it into the pan to get the lid on, and it took longer to steam than the one minute suggested.  But I am sure things will go more smoothly if you’re not trying to cook so much at once!  I served the bok choy on a bed of brown rice, topped with an egg.  It was a delicious weekend lunch, and I’ll be sure to pick up another bunch soon.



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  1. This looks excellent. The egg is cooked perfectly…..no brown crunchy edges.

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