Dec 142011

I don’t talk enough about how great Trader Joe’s can be.  I feel bad for readers who don’t have one nearby.  But this pizza was made possible by some wonderful TJ products.



First, whole wheat pizza dough.  I buy it by the pound, and then separate it into 4 oz. portions and freeze it.  Whenever I want a personal pizza, I thaw the dough and stretch it into a circle.

I was lucky enough to have leftover Stilton Walnut Dip made with TJ’s White Cranberry Stilton Cheese.  But Trader Joe’s is the best place to buy just about any cheese, and you won’t go wrong.  I almost always buy the fat free feta, which does not taste fat free at all.

Finally, sun dried tomatoes.  TJ’s sells them in a plastic pouch, so they are not packed in oil.  They’re easy to toss on a pizza, or eat right out of the bag (not that I would ever do that!)

With just a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and 10 minutes in the oven, my pizza craving was satisfied.

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