May 212012

Sorry to leave you for a while without a new recipe, it’s been a little hectic.  But my cooking club theme for this month was Paula Deen, and I knew it was going to be blog-worthy!  I made this Vidalia Onion Casserole, which turned out to be just as good as I had hoped.  It’s everything you’d expect from a Paula Deen recipe.  I used real butter, full fat cheddar cheese, full fat evaporated milk, and original Ritz crackers.  Plus, of course, 4 very large Vidalia onions.  The onions are boiled first, and then sauteed with butter, so they have a sweet and mellow flavor in the end.



I always knew that Paula Deen’s recipes were rich, but I actually didn’t realize that so many of them are fairly simple.  There aren’t a lot of fancy ingredients to find, or complicated steps.  This recipe didn’t even call for any additional spices beyond basic salt and pepper.

Our Paula Deen theme was a lot of fun, and made me remember that butter actually does make things taste better.  Although most of her recipes won’t become part of my regular rotation, they will certainly have a place on special occasions.  I’ll share a few more of the recipes from our dinner with you this week, so stay tuned.

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  1. Did you know one of Paula Deen’s sons has a show on Food Network that makes Paula’s recipies only healthier? I think he may have a cookbook too.

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