Aug 142012

My Mom had a special request for her birthday last week: Butternut Squash Ravioli.  You know what I really wanted to do was take out the flour, egg, and a rolling pin and make them from scratch.  In fact, I think that would have been a really fun family project.  (Can you hear my family groaning??)  For so many reasons, that just wasn’t realistic this year.  So we went with the second best option, ravioli made by Carmela’s Pasta Shop.

Those of you in the central CT area may be familiar with this store – they have a fantastic selection of fresh pastas and other Italian foods.  We chose two different type of ravioli: Butternut Squash, and Sausage and Spinach.  We served the Butternut Squash ravioli with a simple butter, sage, and cheese sauce, garnished with fresh parsley.  We served the Sausage and Spinach ravioli with a more traditional tomato sauce.

Both types of ravioli were excellent – it was difficult to choose a favorite, but my nod is to the Butterut Squash ravioli for being slightly more unique.  My Mom was very pleased with our ravioli dinner, and I highly recommend you take a trip to Carmela’s if you live in the area!



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