Aug 152012

In addition to the ravioli, my Mom had one other request for her birthday – homemade ice cream.  Specifically, she wanted to try this Cinnamon Graham Cracker Ice Cream recipe from Penzey’s.  We put together the ingredients, and poured them into our Cuisinart ice cream maker.  The ice cream maker produces a soft-serve consistency, so we placed the ice cream in the freezer after that to harden further.  After what seemed like a long wait, the ice cream was ready.  My nephews were very excited to help blow out the candle in a container of ice cream!



The recipe uses a combination of heavy cream and Greek yogurt for a thick and creamy texture.  I really liked the cinnamon flavor, but the recipe calls for both honey and maple syrup which made it too sweet.  The Heath Bars and graham crackers are fun mix-ins, and add plenty of sweetness on their own.  A dish of ice cream on a hot and humid August night made for a better celebration than any cake!  Our family has ONE more birthday left this summer, and it’s going to be quite the event.  Stay tuned…


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  2 Responses to “Cinnamon Graham Cracker Ice Cream”

  1. Thanks for a wonderful birthday celebration with all of my favorites: pasta, salad and ice cream enjoyed with family. The boys sure are getting practice blowing out the candles!

  2. Waiting for ice cream to harden has to be a gazillion times harder than waiting for water to boil!

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