Mar 192013

I love finding new produce to try!  I went to an Indian grocery store the other day, and picked up tindora.  I didn’t photograph them next to a reference, but they’re similar in size to pickling cucumbers.


I appealed to some friends from India for help in cooking the tindora, and they made some great suggestions.  I stuck to a fairly simple preparation, and sauteed them in a bit of oil and spices.  It works for almost any vegetable.

I was surprised that the tindora stayed fairly crunchy, even after almost 20 minutes in the frying pan!  The taste was mild, so the spices really made this dish.  I enjoyed them, but even more, I had fun trying a new vegetable.



2 t. oil
1/4 t turmeric
1/4 t coriander
1/2 t cumin
1 c. tindora, quartered lengthwise

Heat oil in a pan.  Add spices, and stir for 1 minutes.  Add tindora, and saute on medium-low heat for 15-20 minutes.

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