Apr 092013

I spied some grape tomatoes at the grocery store last week.  They’re not local, or in season, but I still wanted them.  When I got home, I immediately tossed them in the oven with a little bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper.  30 minutes later, I had a dish of roasted tomatoes, ready for something.

That something turned out to be this egg and tomato wrap.  It’s more of a meal idea than a recipe, but so good that I had to share.  I put some of the roasted tomatoes in a frying pan, and added 2 beaten eggs.

When the eggs were done, I place them on a tortilla and sprinkled cheese on top.  I wrapped the tortilla, and placed it seam side down in the still-hot frying pan.  I flipped it after a few minutes to brown the other side, and then breakfast/brunch/lunch? was served.


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