Oct 012012

It seems like everyone is talking about the impending bacon shortage.  I can easily do without bacon, but the shortage of canned pumpkin these last few years has been distressing.  Based on a quick scan of my grocery stores shelves, it looks like there is plenty (for now.)  It just isn’t fall without some pumpkin!

I’ve had this recipe for Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal Pecan Cookies from Skinnytaste bookmarked for almost a year.  I was inspired last week to do a little baking, and this seemed like the perfect choice.  I think pecans would be delicious in this recipe, but I substituted dried cranberries instead.  They added a little bit of color and a touch of sweetness to these chewy cookies.



This recipe is really easy and uses mostly pantry staples.  The cookies do not spread very much at all, so you can go ahead and place them close together on the cookie sheet.  Although these are lighter than the average cookie, I still made mine fairly small.  They are the perfect addition to your lunchbox or afternoon coffee break.  And I still had over half a can of pumpkin leftover…

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Feb 062012

If you’re a Patriots fan, you might need to drown your sorrows this morning.  I highly suggest you grab a glass of milk and one of these.  The recipe is straight from Joy the Baker, no changes needed.  You can’t tinker with this combination of butter, sugar, peanut butter, more sugar, and chocolate.  These are the real thing, and I enjoyed every bite.




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Aug 242011

Ready for another shredded zucchini recipe?  One that also features chocolate chips?  This recipe can be made as cookies or bars, but we all know bars are a lot quicker.  I used a cup of regular sugar in place of the sucanat in the original recipe and mixed all of the ingredients in one bowl.  The batter was spread in a 13″x9″ dish, and then popped in the oven.

Even using all whole wheat flour, the batter rose fairly high.  These cute squares were perfect with a cup of hot (or iced!) coffee.  They’re sweet enough to be dessert, but not overly sweet.  And now, I am off to a farmer’s market to get myself more zucchini!



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Aug 232011

When people stop by your house to meet your newborn, or perhaps play with your active toddler, it’s always nice to be able to offer them a chocolatey treat.  Or at least that’s what my Mom and I told ourselves when we decided that we should bake some brownies for my sister.  See, we had stocked the freezer but not the cookie jar.

Our mission was to bake something sweet that did not require a trip to the grocery store.  These cocoa brownies from Smitten Kitchen fit the bill.  Requiring just butter, sugar, cocoa, vanilla, eggs, and flour, you just might have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now.  And I would urge you to go ahead and make a batch, because these brownies were smooth, rich, and fudge-like, similar to flourless chocolate cake.

We added 2/3 cup of chopped almonds which provided a bit of crunch, but that almost detracted from the silky texture.  Next time I would skip the nuts and keep all the attention on the chocolate.  It’s amazing what cocoa powder and butter can do. 


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Aug 172011

Boston University has a fantastic food and education program called Sargent Choice.  One of the signature items offered are these Whole Grain Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I haven’t been to campus much this summer, so I decided to try the recipe myself.

The cookies are easy to make, and call for mini chocolate chips to ensure there’s plenty of chocolate in each cookie.  And they don’t taste like “healthy cookies”, they taste exactly as cookies should.  My version was a little dry, but that’s probably because I used natural peanut butter.  (Yes, I made the same exact mistake before with these peanut butter oatmeal cookies.)  I’ll use regular peanut butter next time, which will probably be soon since this batch seemed to fly off the plate!


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