Mystery Gourmet requested a tiramisu recipe in the comments of this post, and here it is. My Mom did all the legwork here, including finding the perfect recipe that didn’t use too much alcohol, and getting all the ingredients. And what better occasion for tiramisu than a welcome home from the hospital party for my brand new nephew! I can’t claim to be a tiramisu expert, but I can tell you this tasted very good and my whole family enjoyed it. Thanks for the inspiration!

1 lb. mascarpone
1/4 c. sugar
3 T Kahlua
1 c. heavy cream, beaten until soft peaks form
24 savoiardi*
3 c. espresso, cooled
1/2 c. chopped bittersweet chocolate

Mix mascarpone cheese, sugar, and Kahlua in a bowl. Fold in whipped cream. Dip 12 of the savoiardi in espresso, and place on the bottom of an 8″ square dish. Layer half of cheese mixture, and then sprinkle with half of chocolate. Dip remaining savoiardi in espresso, and layer in dish. Cover with remaining cheese mixture, and finish with remaining chocolate. Refrigerate for several hours, or overnight.

*Savoiardi are similar to lady fingers. These were purchased at an Italian shoppe.

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