Plane Food, Take I

Most times during the work week, I have at least two meals packed with me to eat at work, or class, or the library (shhhh). So I figured it wouldn’t be difficult to pack food for a plane trip. Not only would I save some money, but I would start my vacation with healthy momentum.

Preparing food for travel does have a few different logistics though. First, since I was going to be gone for a week, I had made an effort to use up most of my perishable food, so I didn’t have many ingredients on hand. I also wouldn’t have access to a microwave, and then there is that whole liquids rule for airport security. At 11pm the night before my flight, when I was still trying to pack my suitcase, I began to have second thoughts about this plan, but I forged ahead.

By the time I left my house and got to the airport, it was already 8am and past my usual breakfast time, but I figured I’d go through security first. Lesson learned: yogurt is not allowed under the liquids rule. But that meant I could rationalize purchasing a Starbucks latte, and breakfast was finally served at the gate, just prior to my first flight: a banana and almond butter sandwich on a Pepperidge Farm Bagel Thin.

My first flight was an uneventful 3ish hours, and I sipped some water while I smelled this incredibly wonderful herbal tea from the passenger next to me. Lesson learned: bring my favorite tea bags. I did snag a bag of Biscoff cookies though! When I arrived at my interim destination, I took a few laps of the terminal to stretch my legs, check out the bookstore, and purchase a beverage. Soon enough, it was time for lunch: a bulgur and zucchini salad with a Diet Coke, and those amazing little cookies. The zucchini was the last of my fresh produce, so I soaked some bulgur, added the diced zucchini, and tossed it with some olive oil and balsamic.

I got on my second flight, which was also uneventful, and drank more water. While it did require extra effort to bring my food with me, I arrived at my destination feeling great, and ready to begin my vacation. Conveniently, it was happy hour, and my first stop was a wine tasting. More posts coming this week which detail some of my adventures, and of course, new recipes!

5 thoughts on “Plane Food, Take I

  1. Great post. It's too bad about the yogurt, but really, the latte was so much better I am sure!Funny that you can't bring yogurt, but can bring Zucchini and Bulgar.


  2. KC,I just bought some bulgur last week but haven't done anything with it yet. You said you soaked the bulgur (not cooked?). And was the zucchini raw? It sounds good but any salad with evoo and balsamic does. And now I'll have to go back out to find the Pepperidge Farms Bagel Thins.


  3. ME: I soak the bulgur in very hot water for about 1/2 hour. That's all the cooking it really needs. The zucchini was diced and steamed briefly in the microwave. And yes, definitely look for the Bagel Thins, they're awesome!


  4. Great post! airport/plane food is sooo expensive and usually unhealthy; i just can't justify it! I always pack lara and clif bars, but bringing real meals in tupperware is a great idea. who knew yogurt was a "liquid"


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