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Red Wine Chocolate Cake

The good news is that I have a week full of posts which highlight some great recipes, even if I can’t take credit for much of the cooking.

I took note of this Red Wine Chocolate Cake from Smitten Kitchen a couple of months ago.  Then my friend Susan made it, and told me it really was that awesome.  So when my sister asked what cake she could make for my birthday, this seemed like the perfect choice.

This cake also requires relatively little effort for such a large reward.  You need just one bowl and one cake pan.  The cake itself was really good,  like a flourless chocolate cake with a hint of sweet.  But the mascarpone and whipped cream topping was even better.  The instructions say to “dollop generously” and so we did, even though this was the night before Thanksgiving.  Although I love apples and pumpkins and cranberries in the fall, chocolate is always in season.



Almond Brownies

When people stop by your house to meet your newborn, or perhaps play with your active toddler, it’s always nice to be able to offer them a chocolatey treat.  Or at least that’s what my Mom and I told ourselves when we decided that we should bake some brownies for my sister.  See, we had stocked the freezer but not the cookie jar.

Our mission was to bake something sweet that did not require a trip to the grocery store.  These cocoa brownies from Smitten Kitchen fit the bill.  Requiring just butter, sugar, cocoa, vanilla, eggs, and flour, you just might have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now.  And I would urge you to go ahead and make a batch, because these brownies were smooth, rich, and fudge-like, similar to flourless chocolate cake.

We added 2/3 cup of chopped almonds which provided a bit of crunch, but that almost detracted from the silky texture.  Next time I would skip the nuts and keep all the attention on the chocolate.  It’s amazing what cocoa powder and butter can do.