A Christmas Recap

Santa needs a nap after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas! The holiday was so much fun, full of laughter and good food. I hope you had a wonderful holiday too.

Let me begin with Christmas Eve, hosted by my sister and her husband. They served shrimp cocktail and other appetizers, followed by our traditional meal of fish, pasta with garlic and olive oil, salad, and garlic bread. They added green beans to the menu as well which were great. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the meal, but I took some photos of dessert, including the Chinese Noodle Cookies and Cranberry Coffee Cake. We played a game of Christmas trivia and kept the night going with plenty of espresso.

My grandmother used to make fried dough every Christmas, and my sister made it for the first time this year. It came out really well, and definitely brought back good memories of being at my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning began with Whiskey Cake as usual, but we also made scrambled eggs, and breakfast kept us all going while we opened presents!

My contribution to the Christmas meal was Caramelized Pear and Brie Appetizer. The complete recipe will be posted tomorrow, but here is a preview:

We had a very leisurely Christmas dinner which started with a first course of antipasto, including prosciutto, stuffed peppers, radishes, tomatoes, asiago cheese, and olives. My sister has become quite the expert with homemade dough, which she used to make sausage bread.

After a lot of talking and a couple of glasses of wine, we had the main course, including a lovely roast, butternut squash, yellow squash, and a new potato recipe.

After another long break, which included the Celtics game, we sat down to dessert, Chocolate Pecan Pie.

Wow – that was a lot of food! We used many traditional recipes, and a few new ones. It was a great holiday, but just like Santa, I need a nap.

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