Giada’s Summer Grilled Chopped Salad

I took a day off blogging on Friday, but I did spend some time at the produce market getting all the ingredients for this awesome summer salad. Although it required a lot of chopping, it was fairly easy to make. From start to finish it took about a half hour which seemed pretty quick, perhaps because I wasn’t the one standing in front of the hot grill! Here is one batch of the grilled items:

I followed the recipe pretty closely, although I used smaller shrimp which were on sale, and substituted thinly sliced turkey breast for those who preferred that over shrimp. I made my own tortilla strips by slicing whole wheat tortillas and cooking the strips in the oven at 400F for 10 minutes on a baking sheet.

I served the dressing on the side, as Giada suggested, so that the leftovers could be easily kept for the next day. This was a fabulous meal, and I will definitely make it again!

One thought on “Giada’s Summer Grilled Chopped Salad

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your salad looks amazing! I love grilled vegetables! t sounds like we have so much in common…I will have to email you to ask more specifically about where you are going to school and the experience. Good for us for taking the leap back into school!


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