Apple Stuffed Chicken

I really like pairing apples with either chicken or pork this time of year, so I tried this recipe for stuffed chicken. It took four of us to conquer the challenges along the way – cutting the perfect horizontal pocket in the chicken breast, pinning it closed with toothpicks, and navigating the spatula around the toothpicks to brown the chicken on both sides, while also averting a kitchen fire, putting hot soup through a food processor, and trying to calm a screaming 3 week old….oh, that’s not part of the recipe, but nevertheless was a challenge.

I did really enjoy this dish when it was finally time to sit down and eat. The apple cider simmered down to a nice sauce which was just the right amount of sweet. Next time though I may try a recipe which calls for cooking the meat and stuffing separately, and serving them together. In fact, I’ll try any recipe that doesn’t require toothpicks!

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