2009: Year in Review

2009 was my first full calendar year of blogging, and what a year it’s been! Let me take you on a little tour with a few complimentary beverages.

January featured many warm and cozy meals, including this pork roast. In February, I tried Hungry Girl’s Girlfredo Pizza, just one of the great recipes you can make with Laughing Cow cheese. In March I was on location in Florida for a week, and posted a demo of homemade manicotti.

I had no idea that the lazy cabbage casserole I posted in April would be such a hit with readers, but my favorite recipe of the year was the Squash and Potato Torte, which I made three times in May. My Dad’s favorite was the risotto in June, and at least one reader told me that Pizzas on the Grill from July were a hit.

I used the grill again for this salad from Giada in August, and then the griddle for these Banana Pancakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirls in September. To celebrate the birth of my nephew in October, I made tiramisu, and then to celebrate my birthday in November my sister made this Chocolate Peanut Butter cake. December featured lots and lots of cookies.

My goals for the year were to use more local produce, enjoy a variety of whole grains, and focus on meals which were portable. I did use a lot of locally grown zucchini, in cold salads and hot dishes, but didn’t visit as many local farms as I wanted. And although I didn’t try many new grains, I did find new ways to use barley and wheatberries. I really made strides though in the portable meal category, starting with Overnight Oats for the perfect breakfast at work, and some great salads and wraps for lunch or dinner.

Thank you to everyone for reading, eating, and cooking.
So what’s up for 2010? Tune in Monday to find out!

3 thoughts on “2009: Year in Review

  1. Kerry,I love your Cooking Chronicles. I tried a few and they were great. I look forward to 2010 for more of your great traditional and non-traditional recipes Happy new year. Auntie B


  2. I'm so glad I'm reading these in chronological order…I'd be so upset if I read the New Year's Post before the year in review. Thank you for making cooking less scary! -Lee 🙂


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