Prana Cafe, Newton, MA

This is the very first restaurant review to be featured on the blog. I love to cook and share new recipes, but it is fun to go out and let others cook for you….or in this case, not cook for you. Let me explain – Prana Cafe serves mostly raw vegan food. I’ve been wanting to try this place ever since it opened, and my friend Susan graciously agreed to come with me. I am not considering any food lifestyle changes, but every restaurant offers a chance to experience what other people eat, which I find fascinating.

After braving traffic and snow squalls, we arrived at the cute and trendy restaurant, and were seated quickly. So the question you’re dying to ask: what do you order at a high raw vegan restaurant!? Let me start by saying that they do serve beer and wine. There were quite a few food choices; plenty of salads, yes, but also soups, appetizers, sushi, pizza, and pasta. Our server was very patient with us as we asked about how things were made. I settled on the pizza of the day, which had a thin crust, and was topped with mushrooms, pineapple chunks, and sun dried tomato sauce. It was served with a side salad of field greens.

The verdict? Although it resembled pizza is some ways, this was a different dish altogether. But I did enjoy it. The crust was crispy, the sauce had a great flavor, and the pineapple tasted very fresh. I was going to bring my camera, and then chickened out. Next time! The pizza was very filling, and although we looked at the dessert menu, I didn’t really have room.

I will go back to Prana Cafe again, perhaps to try one of those desserts, since it offered a unique and yet comfortable dining experience. There are a lot of menu items which piqued my interest, and maybe I’ll try to recreate a few at home. I’d recommend that you go too, if you feel you’re ready for the adventure. You need to go in with your mind wide open to trying new dishes and enjoying a meal that may be quite different from your usual fare.

5 thoughts on “Prana Cafe, Newton, MA

  1. Hi Nanc, Susan here. I had a salad and two vietnamese spring rolls. The spring rolls were filled with herbs and some sort of seaweed pasta (which sounds gross but actually tasted like noodles) and came with a dipping sauce which was quite good. I was curious about the desserts too, but was surprisingly full from dinner. The place wasn't my cup of tea but it had a nice atmosphere, the food was good and the staff was friendly. And organic beer is actually pretty good ; )


  2. I love Prana Raw!! Their seaweed salad (at lunch) is amazing! and their chocolate torte is so decadent! I'm so happy that there is now a second raw restaurant in boston that is less expensive than grezzo!I hope you join us for the Breakfast Blog Challenge! ps love your blog-I had no idea you were a blogger too!! see you in class!


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