Yogurt Banana Split

No, I am not eating ice cream for breakfast, but this does look a little like an ice cream sundae, right? It’s just a sliced banana topped with plain yogurt, some high fiber generic O’s and a drizzle of peanut butter. It’s perfect for either breakfast or lunch, and you can make it pretty in a bowl at home or go for the portable container version. Who needs those fast food yogurt parfaits?

2 thoughts on “Yogurt Banana Split

  1. Kerry, How do you drizzle Peanut Butter? When I was younger, I tried to melt PB in the microwave…didn't work quite like I had intended…I wanted to drizzle it over some ice cream like they do on sundaes! -Lee


  2. Lee- I did melt it in the microwave, but on low power, and just 15 seconds at a time. After reading your comment, I found some recipes for peanut butter sauce, so maybe I'll have to give one of those a try sometime soon!


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