Amore Tomato Paste

Where has this product been all my life!? I was complaining one day about how I hated opening up a can of tomato paste when I needed just a tablespoon or two for a recipe, and you guys told me to look for it in a tube. About a month ago, I found it at the grocery store when I needed just a bit of tomato paste for the Mushroom Bourguignon. And it came in really handy last week when I was whipping up the dressing for the Pepperoni Pizza Salad. There are no added ingredients, just tomato paste and salt. You can easily squeeze it right from the tube into a measuring spoon and there’s no mess. I highly recommend this product – there will always be a tube in my refrigerator from now on.

Note: I purchased this product at retail value, and was not compensated in any way to try this product or write a review.

3 thoughts on “Amore Tomato Paste

  1. I will look for that in stores around here cause I think its a great idea. I wonder though, is it really expensive in comparison to a can (or multiple cans) of paste?


  2. Susan – I found it at Stop & Shop, in the aisle with the canned tomatoes and the 'Italian' products.Kelly – not sure of the price, will check!


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