Meatless for May

That’s right, I have decided to go without eating meat in May. I first heard about the campaign from Elizabeth, and she encouraged me to give this a try. But I’ve been thinking more about food choices ever since I saw Food, Inc. and read Omnivores Dilemma. I believe that a mostly plant based diet is good for both my health and the environment, although I am not ethically opposed to eating meat.

The movies and books have made it clear that the American food system does not operate in a manner which is kind to the environment, and many of the products may compromise our health. But despite my good intentions to make more conscious choices, I have not made any real changes in my food habits. I still buy and eat meat which has been produced in factory farms and I still choose conventional produce over organic most of the time. I’ve bought items from a few local farms over the years, but not nearly enough.

My purpose in eating vegetarian throughout May is to raise my personal awareness of how often I would normally choose to eat meat, and what alternatives are available. I will not be eating beef, pork, chicken, or fish. However, I will be eating both eggs and dairy products this month, which makes this goal achievable for me.

Each Friday in May, I’ll provide a recap of the week. I will let you know how the challenge is going and any issues I have overcome. My blog has always featured many plant based recipes, and there will be many more next month!

3 thoughts on “Meatless for May

  1. Will be interested to see what kind of dishes you come up with this month! I am curious as to why you decided to keep eggs and dairy in your diet for May. Both eggs and dairy come from those same inhumanely treated animals?


  2. KC,Good for you. I taped the program after watching part. I have yet to go back to it.I am glad you chose to keep eggs and dairy. Eggs pack so much good in one easy to carry package. And since strong bones are such a concern to women dairy is a big plus. And with all the iron-rich veggies and the ever-handy tofu….I did use Whole Food's grass fed ground beef (90% lean) and it was delicious.Good luck and happy, healthy eating.


  3. Good for you Kerry! I'm wondering what veggie options Kinsale has for trivia night, as we know that the veggie burger's not so good.


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