Spelt Blueberry Pancake

I really like to eat breakfast at home whenever I can. There’s nothing better than a nice hot bowl of oats and the start of the TODAY show. It’s worth getting up just a little bit earlier, especially if I have a long and hectic day ahead. But yesterday morning, I spied some leftover spelt flour from the veggie burgers, and decided to make a spelt blueberry pancake. Who says I can’t be spontaneous?!?

It really didn’t take long to pull this together. I mixed the ingredients in a bowl within a couple of minutes, and then dried my hair while the pancake was cooking on one side. I hopped back to the kitchen to flip (this is where it helps to have a small house) and then put on a little makeup while the other side was cooking. A quick photo later, I was watching Matt, Meredith, Ann, and Al, and eating a really delicious pancake!

1/3 c. spelt flour
1 T old fashioned oats
pinch baking powder
pinch Splenda
1 egg
1/3 c. skim milk
1/3 c. blueberries
Coat small skillet with cooking spray, and heat on medium-high. Mix dry ingredients, then add egg, milk, and blueberries. Stir just until combined. Pour batter into skillet. Cook until small bubbles appear, flip, and cook until brown on the other side.

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