Cream of Zucchini Soup

My cooking club theme this month was “Mini-Foods”, meaning miniature versions of your favorites. We had an excellent lineup including miniature gourmet sandwiches, pulled pork sliders, Martha Stewart’s mini mac and cheese, and lemon tartlets for dessert.

I read a tip about serving chilled summer soups in a shot glass, and wanted to give that a try. My last experience with cold summer soup was pre-blog, but my family probably still remembers the Watermelon Gazpacho disaster. I chose a completely different type of soup with this Cream of Zucchini recipe. I totally understand that cold soups aren’t for everyone, but this one is both visually appealing and refreshing. Shhhh – the creamy aspect was actually fat free sour cream! You can’t really drink it from the glass, but even if you have to take out a spoon it’s still a fun way to eat a healthy serving of vegetables.

4 thoughts on “Cream of Zucchini Soup

  1. Mmmmm. Cream of zucchini. I love everything zucchini. And I really enjoy savory cold soups. Sweet ones not so much. Tom has tried the cold peach, strawberry, etc. on cruises but somehow that's more of a dessert.


  2. The shot glass idea is awesome! You should pack up your glasses and the recipe and head to the zucchini festival in West Stockbridge in August. 😉


  3. Nanc- I actually didn't try it, I let it cool down before I added in the sour cream. Next time I will – zucchini season is young!


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