Vegan Pasta Topping

All around the Internet, this vegan pasta topping is referred to as ‘vegan Parmesan’. It’s a fairly simple mix of toasted sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, and salt. Of course cheese is not vegan, but nutritional yeast is sometimes used as a substitute and is often fortified with B12 which can be lacking in vegan diets.

Now, my sesame seeds were a little more toasted than Angela’s, but I have to say that the mix didn’t remind me at all of cheese. It tasted like toasted sesame seeds, which do have a nice crunch but did not really complement my dish of whole wheat pasta. But this was a fun experiment, and you’ve got to try new things to figure out what you like!

One thought on “Vegan Pasta Topping

  1. this is interesting to me since i am not a fan of parmesan cheese or most cheese for that matter….the bread crumb texture looks good…: )


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