Help Me Pick a Birthday Cake

Lately, my cooking hasn’t exactly been inspirational. But my summer class is almost over, and I promise that the blog will feature more interesting and seasonal recipes. I plan to do quite a bit of cooking over 4th of July weekend with my family. And that’s where I need your help.

You see, when it was my birthday, my sister made this awesome birthday cake. There were three layers of peanut butter and chocolate.

So my sister’s birthday is almost here, and she requested a special birthday cake that I’ll make for 4th of July weekend when we’re together. But the question is, what cake do you think I should make? In the past, she’s had ice cream cakes, and my Mom’s Death by Chocolate trifle. We’re looking for something special, so I am open to suggestions of cakes you’ve made, or ones you’ve had at restaurants and would love me to recreate. There are no allergies or other restrictions, so feel free to be creative.
I’ll let my sister choose, and then I’ll be sure to post the final result!

9 thoughts on “Help Me Pick a Birthday Cake

  1. something with fresh fruit and whipped cream…possibly lemon filling…no chocolate for a change…:)…also something that will survive the trip back from RI to rocky hill….for me of course!


  2. skip my previous comment!…how bout black forest cake….cherry filling…choc cake & whipped cream…mmmmmmmmm…:)


  3. I am thinking chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling…or maybe's chocolate torte cake?? Your birthday cake will be hard to top!Mom


  4. me again!….this is my last suggestion(i hope)…how about fresh carrot spice cake with cream cheese pineapple frosting….yummmo


  5. How about a strawberry truffle with yellow cake, pudding, strawberies and whipped cream on the top. about two layers. My favorite. you can fix it when you get there Nanc. S.Auntie B


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