Mocha Ice Cream Cake

Every good birthday meal must end with cake. And this time, it was mocha ice cream cake! I must admit, I have not spent that much time in the cookie aisle of the grocery store in a long time. I couldn’t find chocolate wafers, so I used chocolate graham crackers instead. As suggested in the recipe reviews, I increased the crust ingredients by 50%, which seemed about right.

You do need to start this cake the day before you are planning to serve it, to ensure that all the layers have time to freeze. But it’s worth it! The flavor really is more coffee than chocolate, and it’s sweet, but not too sweet like some commercial ice cream cakes.

“Gosh, I wonder what they’re planning for my birthday? All I know is that I’ve got to figure out a way to get my hands on some cake…..”

2 thoughts on “Mocha Ice Cream Cake

  1. Ha! I bet he was totally thinking that! You know, he does expect Auntie Kerry to make him a Birthday Cake when October rolls around!


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